1 Man Killed after Crashing into Pole in Arizona

For the past few decades, car accidents have taken thousands of innocent lives and resulted in millions of car passenger injuries. Trauma following a car accident can be a lifetime problem for some victims, whether physical or emotional. In 2009, 5.5 million car crashes were reported in the vicinity of United States according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). High incidence of car accidents is due to distracted driving, road failure, mechanical failure, aggressive driving, driving under the influence, rough, unpaved roads and vision problems.

At around 2:10am, one man was killed after crashing into a pole in Mesa, Arizona. According to Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Mesa car accident occurred on the eastbound US 60 at Greenfield. The driver of the vehicle, believed to be in his mid 20’s was declared dead at the scene.

A car accident does not only mean a collision with other vehicles but also collision to fixed objects and even pedestrians. Anyone can be a victim of car accident, so all road users must be very careful when driving. Focus much on the road and practice defensive driving. Follow all road and traffic regulations.

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