2 People Seriously Injured in Phoenix Freeway Car Collision

Rollover accidents in Arizona contributed 18.9 percent of the States’ fatal car accidents in 2009.

A car crashes involving multiple cars and an overturned one occurred in Phoenix recently. The accident was so severe that it blocked multiple lanes and officials had to close off the freeway in Phoenix wherein the crash had occurred. However, at 3:15 the freeway was reopened. According to the spokesperson of the Phoenix Fire Department, the incident happened at about 12:45 noontime.

The vehicles involved in the wreck were mainly an SUV and other cars travelling on the southbound State Route 51 at Northern Avenue, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety Officer.

The SUV was being driven by a woman who was 72 years of age, and her car was the one that rolled over multiple times until it came to a stop. During the roll over, the woman was ejected out of the car and because of this, she suffered fatal injuries and was taken to a trauma hospital in the area.

After her vehicle overturned, two other cars behind it collided with each other as the wreck rolled before them. A 50-year-old man, who was driving one of the vehicles, has incurred serious injuries and he later was brought to a hospital. The other driver did not receive any hospital treatment for his minor injuries.

When driving on such roads as a freeway, one must be alert and ready for anything. The drivers in the incident above must have never thought that a car could roll over right in front of them. One must always wear a seatbelt.

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