3 Injured In Glendale Bus Crash

In 2009 alone, there are more than 5.5 million reported motor vehicle crashes had occurred in the United States alone (NHTSA). About 28% of the crashes or 1.52 million have resulted to injury and less than 1% or 30,797 incidents have resulted to death.

A vehicle collided with a Senior Living bus with senior citizens on board the vehicle last week in Glendale, Arizona. The accident took place at the intersection of 80th Avenue and Glendale. The incident happened before 9 in the morning of that day and lead to 7 people injured. However, only three were brought to the hospital as 4 of the injured senior citizen refused hospitalization.

Although there injuries were not fatal, the police are still trying to determine the Glendale bus accident causes.

Although, sometimes luckily some injuries are not too serious, it is important to let a doctor or a medical expert conduct a full examination for any hidden injuries from the incident. Even though not all crashes lead to fatal injuries, it is still a great idea to fully assess oneself. There might be some injuries that does not hurt that much, but may have a great effect someday and could lead to impairment.

We all know that crashes could happen anytime of the day to anyone. Most of the time, they are inevitable and is considered as an accident. We can lessen the chances of being involved in a car accident by changing our driving habits and keep our eyes on the road.

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