Off-Duty Agent Saves Tucson Woman from Car Crash Fire

Motor vehicle crashes have been listed as the top leading causes of death of those ages 5 – 34 years (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention). Every year, there are millions of people who are treated in emergency departments due to motor vehicle crashes. However, many of these injuries can be prevented if drivers were more careful.

In Tucson, an off-duty patrol agent saved a woman from a burning car (ABC15 06/21/2011). Just recently, there was a two-vehicle accident on the I-19. The off-duty patrol agent happened to drive by and pulled over to help. When the agent was walking over to the Tuscon car accident, he noticed that one of the vehicles was on fire with the driver, a woman, still inside. When the agent noticed that the woman’s hair was starting to burn, he used his service firearm to fire on the passenger window, breaking it and then pulling the passenger out from the burning car. Just seconds after the passenger was pulled out, the car was fully engulfed in flames. The agent has been called a hero for his act.

When driving in Arizona, not all victims may be as lucky as the saved woman from the news. Therefore, always keep safe while driving. Be attentive while on the road, and avoid using the cell phone for texting or calling. Also, do not drink and take drugs when driving as this increases the risk of getting into accidents.

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