Three Injured In Peoria Van Crash

No one is safe from an accident such as a crash. Even when people keep on avoiding them it is still inevitable and will involve even those people that those have nothing to do with the incident. There are a total of 878,000 crashes that have led to injury in 2009, according to the NHTSA. There are 166,000 cases that involved light and large trucks. Now this is a scary scenario for people who are inside a smaller type of vehicle.

A Peoria van accident took place between a truck and a passenger van. 3 senior citizens were injured in the accident.

The injuries of the senior citizens, an 82-year-old woman, 70-year-old woman and the driver of the van were transported to the hospital. According to the authorities, they were all suffered minor injuries from the accident. Inside the van are senior citizens. It was still unclear what brought about the incident and the police are still trying to figure it out.

However, the accident was a rear-end collision. The truck struck the van near Northern and 83rdavenue.

Accidents can happen to anyone, whether young or old. The only thing we can do to prevent accidents is to lead responsible driving habits. It is better to use proper safety restrains to lessen the chances of getting hurt if ever an accident took place. There is no telling when and where an accident may take place, protecting yourself is the best way to avoid injuries.

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