Truck and Van Accident on Phoenix Road

Light trucks that are involved in crashes usually results in devastating damage. This occurred frequently in 2009, where 80.9% of accidents that involved a light truck were a collision with a motor vehicle in a transport by initial point of impact. A total of 3,194,000 people and properties were involved in the accident. The outcome of the incident resulted much on property damages only, next was injuries and the least was fatalities.

Aerial footage of an accident was recorded concerning a white truck and a white van involved in a collision. The video footage was captured in Phoenix last Wednesday.

The truck accident in Phoenix resulted in damages to both vehicles. The accident took place in an intersection at the area of 27th and Glendale Avenue at around 7 in the morning. The cause of the crash is still unknown.

Accidents like this can be avoided by driving slowly and remaining alert every time you approach an intersection.

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