1 Child Injured in School Bus Radiator Leak in Phoenix

Vehicles should be taken care of by the owners whose responsibility is to make sure that their cars are always properly maintained and owners need to have and follow an auto safety checklist. Cars require frequent tune-ups and check-ups too. One of the problems that arise in vehicles is their radiators, which may leak. Leaking radiators can cause a vehicle to overheat and may cause a fire in the car. If the leaking radiator gets onto the skin, it could cause burns. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on non-crash injuries lists Radiator/Antifreeze burns as one of the top causes of injury.

In Phoenix, a child was injured due to a radiator leak from a school bus (ABC15 08/07/2011). Two buses were on a field trip when the radiator in one of the buses leaked. Police say that the radiator fluid came in contact with the ankle of one child. The child was then taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The second bus continued with the field trip.

One of the effects of coolants being in contact with the skin is that it may cause irritation. Because machine coolants dissolve metal, and these dissolved metal causes the allergic reactions in the skin that it comes in contact with. When this happens, make sure to wash the skin immediately with soap and water, and if irritation persists, please consult a doctor.

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