54-year-old Dies after Cochise County Car Fire

Did you know that vehicle fires or car fires are one of the most common factors of fire-related property damage? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that out of 45,435 vehicles involved in fatal crashes in 2009, 2.9 percent or 1,321 were due to fire occurrence.

Although fires in vehicles are not that common according to the statistics, we still cannot deny the fact that it poses a certain degree of threat to all motor vehicle drivers.

On Wednesday morning (6/29/11), a victim of a crash was pronounced dead at Maricopa Medical Center. The 54-year-old man crashed his vehicle earlier this week in a drainage ditch near milepost 54 in Cochise County. The car later caught fire and, despite managing to climbed out of the car, the fire burnt 80 percent of the victim’s body.

The risk of explosion and inhalation of toxic fumes from vehicle fires are two of the most common cause of fire-related deaths. If you happened to be in a car fire, remember these simple things:

  • If you are in a moving car, signal and move to side of the road
  • Shut off the engine
  • Get yourself and other occupants out of the vehicle
  • Notify the fire department and avoid putting out the fire on your own.

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