Flagstaff Biker Dead at Shultz Creek Trail

Bicycles have been recognized as one of the most eco-friendly ways of transportation. Nowadays, a lot of drivers use bikes as an alternative vehicle to go to short destinations and also for leisure. Although it is fun to ride a bike, biking technically offers minimal protection against road accidents. According to a report by the Traffic Safety Facts, about 630 bicyclists died on US roads in 2009. Bikers have a higher death and fatal injury rate per million vehicles, and this is about half the rate for motorcyclists and 8 times the usual rate for motorists.

In the recent report from AZCentral, Coconino County officers are investing the death of a Flagstaff man while on a bicycle excursion. On Tuesday afternoon, the sheriff’s deputies received a distress call from the injured man’s cell phone reporting the incident. He rode his bike up to Shultz Creek Trail head and got injured. Medical personnel arrived at the scene and conducted first aid and life saving measures to save the victim and then transported him to the Flagstaff Medical Center. However, according to the authorities, the biker was pronounced dead.

Upon investigating the incident, police found out that the biker had been dropped off by a family member on top of Mount Elden. The man then rode his bike down the mountain. In any bicycle accident in Arizona, it is important to immediately seek medical attention or call for help for any injuries. In this situation, time is of the essence. It is also important that if you are unsure about your health, you must have someone with you in case something bad happens to you.

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