High Wind Gusts in Phoenix Cause Tree to Fall on a Car

Weather conditions can be a probable factor in contributing to car accidents. These are fortuitous events that not everyone can avoid, but must be prepared for. According to the 2009 Arizona Crash Facts Summary, there were 106,767 crashes due to weather conditions: 709 were of fatal crashes and 33,380 were injury related. Weather conditions should not be taken lightly when out of the house.

In recent news, high wind gusts in North Phoenix may have been responsible for uprooting a huge tree causing it to fall on a passing car on the street. It happened Saturday evening on Paradise Village Parkway South, near Tatum Boulevard and Cactus Road. The driver saw a tree coming down, and barely had enough time to slam on the brakes. The roots of the fallen tree were completely exposed and its branches and leaves were scattered all over the street. He came out of the scene uninjured. Wind gusts were estimated to be at 50 mph and took down several power poles between Germany and Thunderbird roads.

Drivers should also be careful if these kinds of natural events happen in Arizona. These types of weather conditions are unavoidable if one is at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Mother Nature is definitely one strong opponent to face.

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