Ottawa Blast Kills One and Injures Many

In the United States, injury and violence are considered to be serious threats to our children’s health and well-being. Children and adolescents are at high risk for many injuries that can lead to death or disability.

According to the research from1987 to 2004 (, child injuries acquired from motor vehicle crashes lead the list of unintentional injury and deaths among children ages 14 and below – second is drowning. Meanwhile, deaths from fires and burns are the third leading cause of fatal home injury (Runyan 2004). In fact, costs of this type of accident were: $3 billion fatal fire and burn injuries, $1 billion for hospitalized fire and burn injuries, and $3 billion non-hospitalized fire and burn injuries.

Although school fires do not often happen, it is still a threat to students especially those who do not have enough knowledge on how to deal with these types of incidents. In Ontario, a high school is currently under investigation due to the blast that occurred in a shop class killing a student and fatally injuring others.
This explosion has made parents doubt how safe their children really are while in school.

Being a victim of this type of serious fatal accident, one must know that, just like drivers or auto owners, schools can be sued for negligence. School boards have insurance that will take care of the claims.

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