Phoenix DPS Officer Chases Down Hit and Run Crash Suspect

A hit and run is actually a serious crime in most jurisdictions. It is not only unsafe, it is also unfair for those who have been hit and have been injured in the process. In the United States, about 10% out of all traffic collisions are caused by a hit and run situation. It is called hit and run because after hitting a vehicle or a pedestrian, the vehicle who caused the hit, immediately drives away without leaving any identification..

In Phoenix, a Department of Public Safety officer was taken to the hospital after his vehicle was struck (ABC15 07/12/2011). Police say that the DPS officer’s unmarked car was turning into a convenience store when another vehicle struck him in a merging lane. Reportedly, the other vehicle did not stop driving for half a mile before the DPS officer who was struck was able to stop the vehicle. The driver of the second car was then arrested but released at the scene. The DPS officer was then taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

In motor vehicle crashes in Arizona, it is expected that any driver who has been involved in an accident should stop his or her vehicle when it is safe to do so. Identification should be exchanged as well as contact information with any other driver who has been involved in the accident.

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