Phoenix Officer Caught Slamming Teen into Wall

Law enforcement officers are trained in the proper use of force and when it is necessary. In dangerous or unpredictable situations officers have little time to assess and determine the proper response. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has stated “…in diffusing situations, apprehending alleged criminals, and protecting themselves and others, officers are legally entitled to use appropriate means, including force.” However, there are times when officers abuse this right and use force in some situations and cause some unwarranted injury.

In Phoenix, a police officer was caught on tape slamming a female teenager against the wall (KPHO 5/4/2011). An Officer is seen running up behind a girl who was walking away, and then suddenly throwing her into the wall. The girl was then handcuffed and then taken to a police cruiser. Prior to that scene, before the officers arrived, the girl was seen with her mother in the parking lot of the Ombudsman Charter School near 40th Street and Thomas Road.

This could be a case of personal injury and child injury in Arizona. Personal injury is when a person’s injury is the result of an incident which is directly caused by the negligence of another person or indirectly by their property.

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