Single-Vehicle Crash Kills Man in Tucson

Did you know that up to this day, car crashes are still one of the leading causes of death in America—next to health reasons? In the Arizona State alone, about 2.21 people die every day on a car crash and this means that one person is killed every 11-12 hours. There were also 138.56 injured daily, which means that one in every 11 minutes was injured.

In Tucson, just north of Davis Monthan Air Force Base, a 45-year old resident named died when his pickup truck flipped over in a devastating crash. Police said it happened while the driver was apparently heading west on Golf Links Road, when he suddenly lost control of his truck.

He was immediately brought to the University Medical Center 30 minutes after the crash, but was unfortunately pronounced dead on arrival. Police are now looking at the possibility of alcohol or speeding as the cause of the Tuscon car accident.

Indeed single-vehicle crashes are pretty common in America. In Arizona in 2009, they accounted for about 17.9% of all 45.13% of fatal crashes. About 73.2% occur between daylight hours of 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Alcohol related crashes were responsible for about 5.48% of all crashes while a whopping 34.41% of all fatal ones, such as the incident above. All in all, these crashes cause the loss of so many lives. Car accidents also hurt the Arizona economy. In 2009, Arizona lost about $2.8 billion worth because of these crashes.

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