1 Dead, 2 Hurt in 6-Vehicle Mesa Crash

A Mesa traffic accident involving multiple vehicles was reported earlier this week resulting in the death of one person and sending two more to the hospital (AZ Family 08/15/2011). According to police, the crash happened Monday morning at Southern Avenue and 24th Street.

Initial investigations revealed a man driving a pickup truck suffered some kind of medical emergency, causing him to lose control. His vehicle sideswiped two cars and continued to move on and hit another two before stopping. A sixth vehicle was hit by the debris of the second crash.

The driver of the pickup truck was killed on the scene while two more suffered serious, but non-fatal injuries. Investigators are still finding out whether the victim died of his injuries or his medical condition.

Though rare, a medical condition can be a factor to car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), seizures are the most common form of medical condition that leads to motor vehicle crashes. From 2005 to 2007, seizures accounted for 35 percent of such cases followed by black outs, diabetic reactions, heart attack, and stroke.

Furthermore, NHTSA states that drivers 65 years old and older are most prone to crashes resulting from medical emergencies.

Drivers prone to medical emergencies are advised to not travel alone or completely avoid driving to prevent such accidents from happening. It is also advised to avoid taking medicines which may have drowsiness or other impairing side effects.

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