5 Injured in Phoenix 3-Car Collision

Car crashed are caused by several factors including; equipment failure, roadway design, poor roadway maintenance, or driver behavior. Over 95% of motor vehicle accidents actually involve some degree of driver behavior and a combination of the former three mentioned. According to Motor Vehicle Crash Facts for Arizona in 2009, injury-related crashes accounted for 33,380 out of a total 106,767 while fatal-related crashes accounted only 709 out of the total.

AZCentral reports that five people were injured after a gold sedan truck collided with two other cars in Phoenix, Monday morning, resulting in one car flipping and hitting a tree. The gold sedan went through multiple lanes of traffic and collided with two cars near the intersection of 7th Street and Thunderbird Road. Three people, including the driver of the sedan were immediately taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. One of the two other people was a 17 year old girl, who got out of her car on her own and was also rushed to the hospital. A section of the 7th Street south of Thunderbird Road was closed that day from morning till 2 p.m.

Accidents could have been prevented or avoided. However, most would blame it for example on equipment failure or poor roadway design but that’s hardly the case. There are always equipment repairs and roadway maintenance done at a designated time for each city. It’s primarily the driver’s behavior that makes a difference.

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