6 Seriously Injured in Marana Rollover Crash

A blown tire caused a car accident Saturday, sending six of its passengers to the hospital with serious injuries (ABC15 08/20/2011). According to report, the Chevy Astro van rolled over a number of times around 3:20 p.m. on Interstate 10 near the Marana exit.

Two of the victims were flown in critical condition while four more were transported by ambulance after suffering serious injuries.

The engine compartment was on fire after the crash but was contained with the help of a bystander who used a fire extinguisher to prevent the fire from spreading.

Motorists had to be detoured after the accident caused Westbound Interstate 10 to be closed for several hours.

Rollover accidents which have a high fatality rate usually involve tall and narrow vehicles such as SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks. This is because of the higher centers of gravity that these types of vehicle possess making them more susceptible to rollovers.

While the accident above was triggered by a blown tire, Safecar.gov has outlined the most common factors that can lead to rollover accidents. Three of those factors are as follows:

  • Speed – Being involved in 40 percent of fatal rollover accidents in the country; excessive speeding is one of the common causes of rollovers. Make sure that you travel within speed limits to avoid becoming a victim of a rollover.
  • Alcohol – Impaired driving accidents have been a problem for the longest time. Alcohol consumption may impair a driver’s senses making him susceptible to a crash and should be completely avoided before driving.
  • Location – Almost 75 percent of fatal rollover accidents happen in rural areas because of higher speed limits and undivided road structures.

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