Five Children Injured in Tempe Car Crash

In 2010, Arizona’s reported road traffic crashes totalled to 106,177 according to Arizona Department of Transport (ADOT).On August 20, The Arizona Department of Transport published the 2010 Motor Vehicle Crash Facts and it revealed that during the year there were 762 and 50,110 fatalities and injuries respectively. Based on these data, about 137.19 persons are injured while 2.09 are killed everyday.

A number of motor vehicle crashes in Arizona involve injuries or even deaths of children. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), injuries from car crashes are the leading cause of deaths among American children in the country.

On the night of August 18, a man who was called to help his family members due to car trouble was driving a Volkswagen Jetta. He crossed all westbound lanes of traffic and struck a commercial vehicle on westbound Interstate 10 near 48th Street in Tempe. According to the Department of Public Safety, the front wheels of the commercial vehicle were struck and it’s driver failed to turn away and hit a van parked on the left shoulder.

The parked van had children inside ages 6- to 14-years old. As the commercial vehicle hit the family van, those waiting outside the van were injured and all children were taken to the hospital as well as the adult van driver.

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