Teen Motocross Rider from Surprise Dies after Jump Crash Landing

Motocross is becoming a popular recreational activity especially for thrill riders. However, along with the fun and excitement, injuries and accidents come with it. These types of accidents are most commonly associated with extreme injuries and head trauma. According to NHTSA, in 2009, 4,462 people died in motocross motorcycle accidents compared to 2008, which dropped by 16% or a total of 5,312.

Motocross is a motorcycle sport that is held in either closed or open circuits. These vehicle activities were first introduced to the public in the 1970s. Moreover, almost instantly it created alarming injury rates for both adults and children. It is also reported the number of injured individuals also present a lower rate of using helmets for protection.

Studies have shown that a majority of males are injured in motocross accidents and several of these injuries could have been prevented by wearing a helmet. Always remember to wear protective gear even if it is only during practice.

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