Two-Year-Old in Serious Condition after Glendale Near-Drowning Accident

A Glendale child near drowning accident sent a young boy into the hospital in serious condition after nearly drowning at their home near 47th and Olive avenues (AZ Family 08/22/2011).

The couple found their 2-year-old son submerged in water and rushed him to the hospital. It was unclear where the drowning accident exactly happened as the investigation is still ongoing.

Children that are incapable of swimming are at risk to drowning accidents. Drowning does not only happen in a pool or in a large body of water, it can happen inside your home. In fact there have been a number of reports of in-home drowning throughout the country. Baths and hot tubs and even buckets or other containers which hold water are considered drowning hazards.

To prevent drowning accidents from happening inside your home, please consider the following safety tips:

  1. Kids should never be left unattended during bath time.
  2. Keep water containers securely covered or empty them after using. Buckets kept outside can collect rain water which can be a cause of drowning.
  3. Though prevention is always better than cure, learning CPR can be a life saver. Educate yourself on how to properly handle a drowning emergency.

If your child has been a victim of an Arizona drowning accident and would like to receive compensation related to a personal injury, call (623) 455-6603 for a free consultation with one of our child drowning accident lawyers in Glendale.

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