Sierra Trucking Company Truck Crash Kills 3 on I-10

Commercial trucks are often going from Arizona to California. There have been many fatal car accidents between commercial trucks and innocent individuals who are traveling in smaller motor vehicles.

Recently, there was a fatal car accident in Arizona that took place on Interstate 10 near Picacho Peak. The trucking accident with the Sierra Transportation company semi truck occurred on September 8, 2011 and it is reported that the vehicle went through the median and crashed into a mini van that was traveling on the other side of the median. The Arizona Department of Transportation has reported that the minivan burst into flames and that there were three occupants in the vehicle that were killed. Reports have differed about the status of the truck driver in the Sierra Transportation Truck. Some reports have the truck driver of the truck in critical condition and others have reported that the truck driver suffered fatal injuries. There was another truck driver involved as well in the accident. Police are investigating the matter, trying to determine exactly what happened and how the second truck is involved in this fatal Arizona truck accident.

Fatal accidents like these with big transportation vehicles are very difficult for all parties involved. Many truck drivers are fatigued and that is a main factor in many fatal accidents, although other truck accident causes in Arizona are also common. At this time it is unknown what happened to the Sierra truck driver and why he crossed through the median.

There are federal regulations that must be followed by truck drivers. Federal regulations went into place some time ago because truck drivers, not just in Arizona, but throughout the United States, were driving so many hours that they were very fatigued and causing very serious accidents. Thus, federal laws were implemented that mandated the hours truck drivers were allowed to drive. Beyond that, truck drivers are required to keep logs on if their days traveled, miles traveled and times traveled. They cannot go over a certain amount of hours. Valuable evidence can be contained in the truck that will tell the families and loved ones of this tragic Arizona truck accident; what happened and what caused this fatal car accident with the Swift truck company vehicle.

All trucking companies must obey federal regulations to make sure that drivers are not fatigued. We will all have to wait to find out the exact cause of this crash to know whether it was an Arizona truck driver fatigue accident. Other helpful trucking documents may give more information about the driver of the vehicle as well. These documents can be destroyed within certain time frames if an experienced truck accident lawyer in Arizona does not do what is necessary to make sure that the company does not destroy valuable evidence. This is not to say that Sierra Transportation would deliberately destroy the documents, but many times trucking companies have in place to destroy documents within a certain time period so the evidence cannot later be used against them. In addition, there should be a black box in the truck that holds a lot of data about what the truck itself was experiencing before the driver lost control of the vehicle. This black box has data that a semi truck lawyer must get a hold of immediately.

There are some lawyers who practice trucking law nationally; however, almost always those lawyers will consult with a trucking attorney in Arizona. It is important to make sure that if you have a trucking accident that you talk with a lawyer who is licensed in Arizona. Otherwise the lawyer that you hire will most likely hire another lawyer in Arizona and as the client you would not have any idea of the actual lawyer who is trying your case. It is important that if you have loved ones who have suffered a wrongful death as the result of a trucking vehicle that you ask very important questions to make sure that you are hiring the best lawyer for your trucking accident claim. Ask the lawyer you are considering hiring if they are admitted to practice law in Arizona. Ask the lawyer you are considering hiring if they practice in federal court. Ask the lawyer you are hiring what experience they have with trucking accidents. These are some questions that will help you determine if you are hiring the best lawyer for your Arizona trucking accident claim.

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