Tucson Grandma Dead, Child Hurt in Pedestrian Car Accident

A Tucson fatal pedestrian accident took place on September 8, 2011. The car accident occurred in Tucson at the intersection of 12th Avenue and Nebraska. This is a very sad and tragic accident.

The individual who was struck was Maria Castillo. She was walking with her granddaughter. It has been reported that Maria was 75 years old. After the car crash, Maria was transported by ambulance to the hospital. Maria died at the hospital the night of the accident. At the time of the accident, it was evening and it is possible that the other driver did not see her because it was dark out. The granddaughter suffered a broken arm in the auto accident.

It seems that alcohol, drugs and speed were not a factor in this fatal Tucson car accident. The driver of the vehicle was determined to not be at fault by the police.

Many people may not know that a police report in Arizona is not deemed evidence. Therefore, even if the other party does not receive a citation, it does not mean that you do not have a Tucson personal injury claim or a Tucson wrongful death claim. If it was night out, there may be other factors to look at as well. Reports are indicating that the grandmother and grand daughter were not in the crosswalk but there may be circumstances surrounding this that may contribute to the family having a claim against the city or other parties if there was construction. Experienced Tucson pedestrian attorneys or Experienced Tucson car accident attorneys can help investigate matters such as these to see if they can help injures parties and their family members.

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