86-Year-Old Man Attacked by Pit Bulls in Tucson

Tucson dog bite attorneys can help people who have been injured by a dog. According to ABC 15, a policeman forcefully shot two dogs for attacking an 86-year-old man. The policeman arrived at the scene and saw two pit-bulls attacking the man and his pet dog
(the man was walking his dog at the time). Bystanders tried to help the old man from the pit bulls’ attack. Some people were even trying to scare the dogs off by swinging a chair, hoping that this would at least take the dogs’ attention away from the victim and his pet. The man was bitten in his lower legs and was successfully saved from the ravaging attack of the pit bulls, and was taken to a hospital by a family member. It was discovered that the two pit bulls were roaming the neighborhood around 22nd street and Wilmot Road. Witnesses stated that the dogs were found in this eastern neighborhood of Tucson early Wednesday morning.

Dog Bite Statistics

Statistics show that dog bites can be fatal. From among the 4.7 million people who suffered dog attacks and got bitten in the process, 800,000 were sent to the hospital with serious injuries and 10 to 20 people are killed yearly. 65% of the fatalities have been said to be caused by a single dog, 20% from two dogs, and the rest of the injured persons were attacked by multiple dogs.

Arizona Dog Bite Law

Arizona dog bite laws make it clear that the dog owner is responsible for the acts of their pet, in addition to the person who is in charge of the dog at the moment the dog bite attack occurs.

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When you are injured by a dog, you should consult an experienced Tucson dog bite attorney. There are statutes of limitations on dog bite claims that can be anywhere from 180 days to one year. An experienced Arizona dog bite lawyer at the Breyer Law Offices, PC can make sure that your rights are protected. Mark Breyer is a certified specialist in injury and wrongful death law by the State Bar of Arizona. We have handled dog bite attacks claims for years with successful results. Call us for a completely free consultation at (520)308-6762.

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