Ambulance Worker Assaulted by Arizona Drunk Driver

According to Gilbert Police, a 25-year-old man was arrested after reportedly being drunk and crashing his vehicle into a dumpster and then assaulting an ambulance worker. The crash happened at about 9:45 pm. The Gilbert Police received a call and immediately responded to an area near Barney Park where the man had crashed his car. Initially, it was determined he had a blood alcohol level of approximately .295 and was charged with a DUI. Next to the scene were the Gilbert Fire Department and Southwest Ambulance, and the ambulance crew was dispatched to the scene. During the medical evaluation, the man kicked the ambulance worker in the face. The drunk driver was transported to Gilbert Mercy Hospital and later transferred to 4th Avenue Jail where he was sentenced for aggravated assault and DUI charges.

Arizona Drunk Driving Statistics

According to the Governor’s office, they have initiated a total of 14,000 arrests of people driving under the influence as compared to 10,400 arrests in 2008. From these statistics, 960 of the individuals arrested had a blood alcohol level of 0.15% or even higher.

Arizona’s DUI Laws and Offenses

Under Arizona law, when a driver’s BAC reaches up to 0.08 and above, the driver is already under the extreme driving under the influence category and will already receive penalties. Arrests can be made whenever an officer suspects that the person’s ability to drive is already impaired, which can be based on the driver’s behavior, appearance, statements, and performance.

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