Child Killed in Possible DUI Collision in Chandler

An experienced Chandler car accident wrongful death attorney will be able to help an individual with claims regarding the negligence of another party which results in the death of a loved one. Fatal accidents are very tragic events and the attorney you choose to hire can make the difference for your family, not just in terms of the settlement, but also in terms of the family’s emotional experience.

We were saddened to hear that, according to AZCentral, an 11-year-old boy has been killed due to a collision between the family’s SUV and another vehicle suspected to be driven by an impaired driver. The victim was riding with his 7-year-old brother and father who was an on-call doctor at a local hospital. The family was on their way to the hospital and the father had to bring his two sons along because he didn’t have a babysitter. The offending driver was first spotted leaving a bar and was followed by police until he sped up and then collided with the SUV at the intersection of McQueen and Warner roads where he ran a red light. The 7-year-old child is said to be in critical condition, while the father has already been released from the hospital.

As Chandler wrongful death car accident lawyers, we believe there is absolutely no excuse for people to drive drunk and kill innocent people, especially a child. If reports are correct and the driver was intoxicated, he should be criminally punished and justice should be served. As an attorney, I would also tell the family that they may have a claim against the establishment where the driver was drinking and driving. Many people do not realize that establishments have a duty to make sure people are not leaving their establishment and drinking and driving. Depending on the actions of the city police, there may be a possible claim against the police if a high speed chase was involved. At this time, it does not appear that we have enough information on these various claims.

Alcohol-Related Crash Statistics for Arizona

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), the rate of alcohol-related crashes in 2010 in Arizona was 5.17% out of all the total number of crashes in that year. This percentage translates to 5,489 crashes; of these, 3.83% were considered fatal, while 43.67% were injury crashes.

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The bereaved family can contact an experienced wrongful death attorney to help in examining the case, as well as point out the negligent parties and hold them accountable. The family will be able to benefit from these claims to help them with funeral costs, medical bills, lost wages, and to make sure that that if the driver was driving drunk that justice is served. To understand your legal options when you are involved in a wrongful death claim, call Breyer Law Offices, P.C. at (480)389-2463. We are available anytime for a free consultation.

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