Three Fatally Injured in Car Collision near Wickenburg

As experienced Wickenburg car accident wrongful death lawyers, our hearts go out to all of those family members who had family involved in the fatal car crash near Wickenburg. According to AZ Central, last Tuesday night, near Wickenburg, two of the popular BMX riders were driving a Ford Explorer and were travelling south when they collided head-on with a man who was driving a DPS Chevrolet Lumina Sedan. The driver of the sedan was reported to be a pilot by profession. Everyone in the accident was reported to have sustained fatal injuries.

Based on police reports, the Ford Explorer was trying to pass a vehicle in front when they went to the opposite lane and crashed head-on with the other driver. It appears that the driver of the Ford Explore had a blind spot and did not see the Lumina Sedan coming from the other direction.

Arizona Fatal Car Accident Statistics

According to The Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZ DPS) in 2010, there were 2.21 persons killed each day in car accidents. That translates to a person is killed every 10.88 hours as a result of fatal car crashes in Arizona.

Arizona Wrongful Death Law

Arizona wrongful death law is different than personal injury law when a person is injured in a car accident. There are certain damages that a family can collect when there is a fatal car accident as opposed to when a person is injured in a car crash. The damages that a family member is entitled to depends on many things having to do with the fatal car accident and the family member who was killed.

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Family members of car accident victims are best served to get the assistance of an Arizona wrongful death lawyer. An experienced wrongful death lawyer can help to make sure that the family members of innocent victims obtain the best settlement possible. Of course, lawyers cannot bring back a loved one, but they can help by trying to see financial stability for families. The best wrongful death lawyers will offer free consultations for families. Alexis and Mark Breyer of Breyer Law Offices, P.C. are experienced Arizona wrongful death car accident lawyers who are here to help. We can collect for loss of future wages, incurred hospital bills, funeral costs and other legal claims. Call us now at 602-457-6222.

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