Avoid Arizona Car Accidents: Police Strictly Monitored the Roads During Thanksgiving

As Arizona car accident attorneys, we are happy to hear that highway patrol officers were stationed at least every 10 miles along the four major highways in rural sections of Arizona and every 2 miles in metro areas like Phoenix and Tucson during Thanksgiving. The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) wanted to crack down on speeding, tailgating, and other violations. According to a news report in Fox 10, the officers were patrolling Interstates 8, 10, 17 and 40.

Arizona Car Accident Statistics

Thirteen people were killed in car accidents during Thanksgiving weekend last year in Arizona and four were alcohol related, according to the Department of Public Safety (DPS). In total, there were 106,177 Arizona car accidents in 2010, 698 of which were fatal, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). More than 33,000 of those accidents resulted in an injury. Car accidents that were alcohol-related totaled 5,489. The most common type of collision was rear-ending, and the most common driver violation was that the speed was too fast for conditions. Other Arizona car accident statistics include:

  • More than 2 people were killed each day.
  • There were 137 people injured every day.
  • More than half of the crashes occurred in daylight.
  • Car accidents accounted for more than $2.6 billion in economic losses in Arizona.

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