Avondale Car Accident Hits Close to Home for Ricky Carmichael

As Avondale car accident attorneys, we were grateful to hear that Ricky Carmichael, his wife, and a friend escaped serious injury Friday night, November 11, 2001, according to a news report on Nascar.com. Carmichael, a professional motorcycle racer and NASCAR camping world truck series driver, said his car was hit by a flying tire that came off the car in front of him when it crashed. The three were headed to dinner and were driving on State Highway 85 around 6 p.m. Carmichael’s car was seriously damaged.

Avondale Car Accident Statistics

While Carmichael and his passengers escaped any personal injury in this car accident, we as Avondale car accident lawyers know that others aren’t so lucky. According to City-Data.com, four people were involved in fatal car accidents in Avondale in 2009 and one person died. Every year in Arizona, more than 140,000 car accidents take place causing more than 65,000 injuries.

Causes of This Avondale Car Accident

Carmichael claims the two cars in front of him swerved and then collided. While it is unclear why they swerved, part of the reason could be due to road debris. According to AAA, road debris causes 25,000 accidents in the U.S. per year. The tire that hit Carmichael also became road debris after colliding with his car, posing a danger for drivers behind him. Motorcycles and lower-clearance passenger cars are especially prone to serious car accidents when they hit debris.

How an Avondale Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

As Avondale car accident lawyers, we know that road debris can cause serious danger to others. Our first step when representing car accident victims is to investigate the scene of the accident to determine where the debris came from and find out if it was what caused other drivers to swerve and cause a collision. In Carmichael’s case, it is important to uncover why the two cars in front of him swerved. It may be that there is an additional reason why the tire came off of the car, such as the car had just been in the shop perhaps and it was put on in error, or maybe the cars swerving somehow caused the tire to come off. When victims are injured, the team at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. works to obtain compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Contact us today for your free consultation at (623) 455-6603.

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