Ford Driving Program Teaches Scottsdale Students Safe Driving Techniques

As car accident attorneys in Scottsdale, we think it’s important to educate young drivers about the possible dangers of driving, and Scottsdale’s Coronado High is doing just that. After hearing statistics about national and local car accidents, students got to practice driving cars provided by the Ford Motor Company Fund, according to news reports from AZ Central.

Students were able to drive a Mustang with reduced traction to practice control, a Ford Focus that simulated a distraction while they were asked to text and drive, and finally, they put on goggles to simulate the eyesight of an impaired driver while they drove a Ford Fiesta.

Scottsdale Car Accident Statistics

Students were told that the number one killer of teens is vehicle crashes and that about 6,000 teens die nationally each year because of car accidents. Locally in Scottsdale, seventeen people were involved in fatal car accidents and seven people were killed in 2009. Drunk drivers caused four of those accidents.

The Car Accident Avoidance Program

The Ford Motor Company spends $3 million a year on this program, called “Ford Driving Skills for Life.” They work with students at 30 high schools in 15 states. At Scottsdale’s Coronado High School, they worked with 72 students. Some of their tips for parents include talking to teens about safe driving, using their website,, as a teaching guide, spending time coaching teens while driving, and telling them to slow down. The program also advises that teens limit the number of passengers they have in their car at any given time, and that parents continually warn teens against drunk driving.

What a Scottsdale Personal Injury Attorney Does

An attorney can help victims of car accidents make sure their legal rights are protected. When teens are injured in a car accident, a personal injury attorney can investigate the scene to determine who was at fault and work with the victim to obtain compensation for their medical bills, which can be extremely expensive.

As Scottsdale personal injury attorneys, we at Breyer Law Offices know that many teens follow all the rules when driving, and sometimes they are the victims of other drivers’ poor decisions. When this happens, it takes an experienced advocate to make sure the teenage victim is compensated fully and taken care of appropriately. Contact Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today for a free consultation at (480) 389-2463.

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