Phoenix Car Crash Injures 5, Including Baby

As Phoenix car crash attorneys, we are always saddened to hear about car crashes that result in injuries, but we are especially sorry to hear about an infant who was injured on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 in a morning car crash on 47th Avenue and Indian School Road. Five people were injured in total after the car ran into a pole. According to news reports from Fox 10, the 4-month-old baby was in a car seat but not properly restrained.

Possible Causes of This Phoenix Car Accident

Police are still investigating this Phoenix car accident case, so no information has been released. However, as Phoenix car accident lawyers, we often see situations in which drivers hit stationary objects because they are driving impaired, speeding, or are distracted. However, we have also had cases in which cars have malfunctioned after being released from automotive shops that performed incorrect repairs or failed to put the car back together properly.

Phoenix Car Accident Statistics

According to a news report in AZ Central, Indian School Road was the scene of numerous Phoenix car accidents in 2009. For example, there were 41 car accidents at the intersection of 59th Avenue and Indian School Rd., as well as 35 car accidents at both the intersections of 75th and Indian School Rd. and 51st and Indian School Rd. There were 22,713 car accidents in Phoenix in 2009 that resulted in 12,318 injuries.

Contact a Phoenix Car Accident Injury Attorney

In cases like this, an experienced Phoenix car accident injury attorney, like those at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C., must investigate to determine who was at-fault. While it could be the driver, it could also be the car repair shop or even the government entity that is responsible for road conditions on Indian School Road. The personal injury attorneys at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. work to hold the at-fault party responsible for paying the victims’ medical bills, lost wages, damages, and more. We also work to make sure victims receive the best possible medical care. Contact the legal team at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today for your free consultation at (602) 457-6222. Please also visit our Husband and Wife Law Team Facebook page for additional topics of interest.

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