Tempe Opens New Pedestrian Bridge

As Tempe auto accident attorneys, we are always looking at the construction of our state and how it affects roadways. ABC15 has reported that the Tempe Town Lake Bridge has opened. The bridge spans 1000 feet and will take people from the North to the South shore of the lake. The bridge’s purpose is dual, it will cater to pedestrians as well as protect the rubber dam beneath it from the harsh sun.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics for Arizona

In Arizona, the number of fatalities involving pedestrians rose 27.05% from 2009 to 2010, with the specific statistics being 122 to 155 deaths while the number of injuries decreased from 1,309 to 1,236. It was stated that there were 2.09 people who were killed due to motor vehicle accidents every day in 2010. The number of injured people in a day was 137.19.

Arizona State Pedestrian Law

In Arizona, pedestrians are also subject to traffic rules. When at an intersection, a pedestrian should wait for the signal to cross the street. Crosswalks are always a good idea; however, many times roads are designed without a crosswalk available to the pedestrian.

Contact a Professional Tempe Personal Injury Lawyer

A skilled Tempe personal injury lawyer will be able to properly evaluate an Arizona pedestrian accident. Many times when pedestrians cross the street, they do not use a crosswalk. When this happens, the lawyer must look at the road design and see whether or not fault lies with someone else other than the pedestrian. Just because a pedestrian crosses not in a crosswalk, does not mean the pedestrian is at fault. A bridge is a great idea because it helps keep pedestrians away from cars. Breyer Law Offices, P.C. is available to discuss serious injury and wrongful death claims for Tempe pedestrian accident claims. For a free consultation call (480) 389-2463.

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