Avoid Arizona Car Accidents: Winter Storm Warnings

As Arizona auto accident injury attorneys, many people do not realize that weather changes can cause very significant car accidents. According to the National Weather Service and Fox 10, there was a winter storm warning issued for Flagstaff and Northern Arizona this week, beginning December 13, 2011. Officials predicted high winds, a lot of snow and very cold temperatures. In fact, the areas were said to get as much as 16 inches of snow. Usually when there is snow, there is more car accidents. Please be safe this week and avoid traveling in the area if possible. If you must drive, slow down, use four-wheel drive or chains when necessary, and drive with extreme caution.

Arizona Car Accident Statistics: The Impact of Bad Weather

There were 901 Arizona car accidents that occurred in snowy conditions in 2010. Two people died in these accidents and 253 people were injured, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). High winds were to blame for 94 Arizona car accidents in 2010, resulting in one fatality and 58 injuries. There were 1,909 car accidents in Flagstaff in 2010, resulting in three people killed and 587 injured.

Avoid Arizona Car Accidents: Stay Off The Road

During poor weather condition, if there are fewer people on the road, there is a reduced chance of car accidents during bad weather. If you are able to cancel your trip to northern Arizona this week, it may be highly advisable that you do.

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