Concern over Scottsdale Bicycle Accidents Shuts Down Hidden Hills Access

As Scottsdale bicycle accident attorneys, we would like to let our readers know that bicyclists may lose access to the steep hills they train on in the Hidden Hills subdivision because of residents’ worry over possible bicycle accidents. According to a news report in AZ Central, bicyclists may lose access by the end of the year as the Scottsdale Transportation Commission recently voted 5 to 2 to temporarily suspend an easement that allows bikers to train on the 8-mile stretch of steep hills.

Residents have complained that cyclists speed through the area, and resident are worried they might hit them when backing out of their driveways. While we think it is unfortunate that cyclists might lose their training hills, we also believe it is important to prevent accidents.

Scottsdale Bicycle Accident Statistics

The city of Scottsdale is recognized as a “Bicycle Friendly Community” by the League of American Bicyclists, according to their government website, The city has 63 bridges that are all open to cyclists, a bike parking ordinance, bike racks or storage units at most buildings throughout the city, and 95 miles of bike lanes.

Twenty-nine percent of the city has bike lanes or paved shoulders. Scottsdale also has 50 miles of designated bike routes. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), there were 1,914 Arizona bicycle accidents in 2010. In these bicycle accidents, 19 cyclists were killed and 1,583 were injured.

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