Is Your Child Care Provider Implementing Policies to Limit an Arizona Child Injury?

As lawyers who work on child injury claims in Arizona, it is important to let guardians and parents know that they should ask the providers at their child care what policies they have implemented to prevent serious injuries to your child. Questions that are important to ask are what are the credentials of the staff members and how many staff members are at the facility each day. There should be a designated number of staff members to a certain amount of children. Also, each staff member should know their role at the facility and which children they are responsible for to make sure that no child injuries occur while they are supervising young children. Ask the child care director what policies have been implemented to make sure that the environment is safe.

For instance, what is the rule for safety measures for:

  • Swimming pools
  • Small objects
  • Using scissors
  • Playing on play equipment
  • Playing outside if there are rocks or sand
  • Climbing over gates
  • Children fighting
  • Hot appliances

Arizona Child Care Statistics

The most recent statistics on Arizona states that there are currently 501,263 children ages 0-4 years in Arizona. The number of children ages 5-11 are 631,903.

Arizona State Child Care Law

The law states that the director of the facility should be able to establish reasonable rules regarding the safety, health, and well-being of children who are left in the care of the facility. There should be an adequate amount of staff in the child care center for the number of children.

Liability Issues in Arizona Child Care

Safety of children should always be the top priority of child care givers. Having an adequate number of staff for the amount of children is very important. In addition, it is vital that the staff is qualified to work with children. The most common causes of injury in children are burns, falls, and choking from ingestion of foreign objects.

Do You Need an Arizona Child Injury Lawyer?

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