Trucking Accident Settlements

The skilled Phoenix truck accident lawyers at the Breyer Law Offices are aware that truck accidents in Arizona happen all of the time. Although large trucks only account for 4% of the total registered vehicles in the United States, fatal crashes involving these types of vehicles reached 8%.

The trucking industry is bound by Federal regulations. These regulations aim to reduce injuries and fatalities caused by commercial truck accidents. Meanwhile, commercial truck drivers have one drawback which is that the commercial trucking laws vary from one state to another.

Truck Accident Statistics

According to the statistics compiled by, truck collisions every year resulted in 130,000 injured individuals. Injuries caused by truck accidents accounted for 22%, while about 70% of accidents resulted in property damage claims only.

Arizona State Truck Accident Laws

Because trucking laws often vary from one state to another, it is important for those involved in Phoenix truck accidents to know their legal rights.

Truck Accident Settlements

Commercial truck accidents can be a nightmare to truck drivers, especially when the truck driver violates the federal regulations. When a truck driver violates federal regulations, it can mean serious fines and penalties for the truck driver and the truck driver’s employer company.

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