Arizona Freeway Accident Attorneys Discuss Woman Stranded in Car for 10 Days Survives

As Arizona Freeway accident attorneys, we were happy to hear that an Arizona State University student was safe after spending 10 days stranded in her car on a freeway in Arizona. The 23-year-old student became stranded after driving through a blizzard, and she survived on two candy bars and melted snow to drink. Forest Service workers found her on accident, according to KSAZ-TV. It has been said that the freeway had a design defect that lended itself to a dangerous condition, and that people would not know that it was dangerous to travel down a section of the freeway. The girl travelled down that section and then was stranded.

Tips on Surviving a Freeway Accident That Leaves You Stranded

As Phoenix freeway accident attorneys, we have not seen an accident like this before. Of course, we see many types of Arizona freeway car accidents. This type of accident is very unique. That being said, we do see many cars stranded.

Some tips on freeway driving is to make sure your car is in good working condition and that you have more than half a tank of gas at all times. According to a survival expert who spoke to Fox 10, some things to take with you include: blankets, extra food, a lighter, and anything else you can think of, including water. He also said it is important to stay in the car so you don’t expose yourself to the elements: keeping warm is key. Finally, it is very important to make your whereabouts known however possible. You can draw a big “X” in the snow, mark it with cones or flags, or set one up with twigs or pinecones. The more visible you make yourself and your car, the better. Of course, it is important to have a working cell phone, but they don’t always work in all areas.

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In some cases, people get stranded because their cars were not repaired properly by mechanics. In other cases, such as this one, the road design is confusing and lends itself to people being stranded in dangerous road areas. As Phoenix hazardous roadways lawyers, we want to let people know that it is not always there fault when incidents like these happen. Many times, the city may be responsible for poor warning signs or dangerous roadway designs. For more information on a personal injury claim like this one, call the Husband and Wife Law Team for your free consultation.

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