Couple Loses Son in Sahuarita Car Accident

As Sahuarita car accident lawyers, we never like to hear about fatal car accidents. It is especially saddening to learn about a 16-month-old child who died in a fatal Sahuarita car accident on November 27, according to a news report in the Sahuarita Sun. While he survived on life support for a few days, he was taken off on November 30. The family chose to donate the child’s organs to help others. The car accident involved a rollover and hit-and-run incident that also left the child’s father hospitalized with serious injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are with this family during this difficult time. This is truly a tragic accident.

Causes of This Sahuarita Car Accident

This Sahuarita car accident occurred on Interstate 19 near Pima Mine Road at 6 p.m. after another vehicle side-swiped the truck that the family was riding in. The truck swerved into the median and rolled several times. The driver of the other vehicle fled the scene, but was later arrested and charged with a Class 3 felony for the hit-and-run. According to the news report, the family faces high medical bills and is uninsured. The injured father also has a previous injury that limits the use of one arm.

Sahuarita Car Accident Statistics

There were three people involved in fatal car accidents in Sahuarita during 2009, and one person was killed, according to According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), there were more than 100,000 car accidents in Arizona in 2010.

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