Phoenix Auto Accident: Car Hits Bus Stop

As Phoenix auto accident lawyers, we were sorry to hear about a man who was injured as he was waiting for a bus Thursday morning, December 29, 2011. A car drove into the bus stop at about 6 a.m., colliding with the sheltered stop and taking down the whole roof. The 17-year-old driver was heading southbound on 7th Street and turning north onto Cave Creek Road when she lost control. The 33-year-old injured man had head injuries, but is expected to survive. Our thoughts and prayers are with the man and his family at this time.

Causes of This Phoenix Auto Accident

Seeing many bus accidents in Phoenix, it is clear that the 17-year-old driver attempted to make a turn and lost control of her car. Police officers are still unsure of why she lost control of her car. Many times, drivers are distracted, driving while drowsy or intoxicated, or fail to negotiate the turn correctly. However, police have ruled out impairment, but did cite the woman for speed and vehicle control. Luckily, a second pedestrian was able to jump out of the path of the oncoming car and escape injury.

Arizona Auto Accident Statistics

There were more than 8,500 left-turn crashes in Arizona in 2010, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). There were also 33,939 crashes that occurred because drivers were driving too fast for conditions and 12,026 collisions that occurred because of inattention and distraction. Nearly 1,500 pedestrians were involved in Arizona pedestrian accidents; 155 were killed while 1,236 were injured.

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As Phoenix car accident injury attorneys, we know that the victim in this car accident deserves excellent representation. Medical costs are sky-rocketing and the man will likely be taking many days or even weeks away from work to recover from his personal injuries. The Husband and Wife Law Team at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. obtains settlements for clients that can cover all of these costs and more. We can also make sure our clients receive the best possible medical care. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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