Phoenix Car Accident Brings I-10 to Standstill

As Phoenix car accident attorneys, we know that serious accidents can result in major traffic jams. I-10 was at a standstill on the morning of December 29 after a crash near 32nd Street, according to Fox 10. As of this time, there are no reports about what caused the crash, but it is likely that there were multiple injuries since there were such long delays. Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured victims, and we wish them a fast recovery.

Causes of This Phoenix Car Accident

While it is still unclear what caused this crash, as Phoenix car accident lawyers, we know that many crashes that occur during morning and evening commutes occur because one driver is following another too closely, someone is distracted, or someone sideswipes another. All of these incidents can cause major pileups and delays, as is the case in this crash.

Phoenix Car Accident Law

It is illegal to follow another vehicle “more closely than is reasonable and prudent,” according to ARS 28-730. As injury lawyers in Phoenix, we also know it is very dangerous to drive while distracted, such as while talking on the phone, texting, applying makeup, or engaging in distracting conversations with passengers. Finally, according to ARS 28-729, a driver must stay within his or her own lane and not change lanes until the lane he or she is moving into is completely clear, thus avoiding sideswiping another vehicle.

Arizona Car Accident Statistics

There were 5,520 Arizona car accidents caused by drivers who followed too closely, 5,987 who made an unsafe lane change, and 3,067 who failed to keep in the proper lane. More than 12,000 Arizona distracted driving crashes occur annually, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

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