Phoenix Car Accident Leaves Woman Trapped in SUV

As Phoenix car accident attorneys, we were shocked to hear that a woman was trapped in her SUV after colliding with another car on Interstate 10 on January 2, 2012. The crash occurred near 40th Street, closing all but one lane on Interstate 10, according to Fox 10. Traffic was backed up for miles, causing extreme delays. We wish everyone who was injured a quick recovery.

Causes of This Phoenix Car Accident

As car accident lawyers in Phoenix, we know that many crashes that occur on the freeway occur because of drivers who are distracted and drivers who swerve into someone else’s lane. The crash involved two cars that were both on the same side of the freeway, indicating this was probably not a head-on collision. Instead, it was probably due to an incorrect lane change or following another car too closely, which could result in a rear-end collision. Police are still investigating.

Tips to Avoid Phoenix Car Accidents

Here are some safety tips on avoiding car accidents:

  • Avoid distracted driving;
  • Never drive while drowsy;
  • Double and triple check that the lane is clear before making a lane change;
  • Stay in your lane if you aren’t sure;
  • Always drive the speed limit, unless there is a reason to drive slower;
  • Never tailgate;
  • Always use signals before changing lanes; and
  • Use hazard lights if you have to slow down a lot and other cars are approaching quickly.

Phoenix Car Accident Statistics

In 2010 in Phoenix, there were nearly 30,000 car accidents. Here are the specifics for Arizona in 2010, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT):

  • Speeding accounted for 33,939 crashes.
  • Following too closely caused 5,520 crashes.
  • Unsafe lane changes caused 5,987 crashes.
  • Distracted drivers accounted for 12,026 crashes.

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