Preventing Your Child from Being Injured at an Arizona Day Care Center

As child injury lawyers in Arizona, we have a few tips that may help children avoid being injured at day care centers. Of course, this is not to say that if these tips are followed that children will never be injured at the facility. Unfortunately, many children are seriously injured each year while in the care of day care centers that parents trust to watch and protect their children.

Arizona Day Care InjuryTips for Preventing Injury

Parents should receive reports from the day care center about their children. Having reports on how your children are doing each day will help to ensure that the facility staff are paying attention to the environment and the general safety of the children. Parents should make sure that the facility is always available for conversations. If new play equipment comes into the school, it is always a good idea for the parents to be aware of the play structures and to decide if the equipment is safe.

Arizona State Day Care Law

A day care has its own standards that staff must follow before it is given a license. The facilities and the staff should be adequate for the children in the day care center. The toys should be appropriate and the food should be healthy and nutritious. This is required to maintain a license.

Contact an Experienced Arizona Child Injury Lawyer

An experienced Arizona child injury lawyer should be contacted in the case of a day care child injury. Breyer Law Offices has been helping injured parents and children for years. If you believe your child sustained an injury while at a day care facility or home, call Alexis and Mark Breyer to give you guidance on your potential child injury claim. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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