Truck Covered with Power Lines in Glendale Accident

As Glendale truck accident attorneys, we want to use this December 30 accident to remind drivers what to do if power lines ever come in contact with their vehicles. In this case, a dump truck became entangled in power lines near 67th Avenue and Orangewood. Luckily, the driver did the right thing and stayed inside his vehicle until crews turned off the high voltage power. Police say that he likely would have been shocked had he tried to leave his vehicle.

What to Do In Case of High Voltage

We want to make sure all drivers know what to do in the event that a power line should fall upon their cars. Although it is highly unlikely that it will ever happen, windstorms, earthquakes, and other events have been known to bring down power lines on top of cars. If this should happen to you, remain inside your car. Do not attempt to drive away or drive over any downed lines. Avoid touching metal objects inside your car, such as door handles. According to, the official website of Mesa, Arizona, downed power lines can be deadly. The site advises drivers to assume all lines are energized and dangerous. Never touch a vehicle with power lines on it even if someone is trapped inside and call 911 immediately.

Contact a Glendale Personal Injury Attorney

The Husband and Wife Law Team at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. investigates cases in which downed power lines cause injury and work to obtain settlements from the at-fault party. This could include the power company, local government, other drivers, and more. Victims can use settlements to cover the cost of medical expenses, damages, and more. It is important to remember that in these types of injury claims specifically the statute of limitations can be just 180 days. If you do not act fast, you may lose your claim. This is not to say that you have a minimal statute of limitations, but you should talk to a lawyer to find out your legal rights and your statute of limitations so you don’t miss an important deadline and lose your claim. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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