Tucson Car Accident Injures 10 on Christmas Day

As Tucson car accident attorneys, we were sorry to hear about 10 people injured in a Christmas Day accident in the evening of December 25. The accident involved two minivans, one carrying eight members of a family and the other carrying an elderly married couple, according to reports in Fox 10. The family ranged in ages from seven to mid-30s. The most serious injuries involved a child between the ages of seven and 10 and an 18 year old.

Our thoughts are with everyone involved in this Arizona van accident, and we wish them quick recoveries.

Tucson Car Accident Cause

Police are still investigating exactly what happened. As car accident lawyers, we see many crashes involving left-turn incidents, speeding, and failure to yield. Some drivers fail to yield to oncoming cars when they are turning left or merging into traffic with a right turn. Distraction may also have played a part. According to some studies, distracted drivers can often be as dangerous as impaired drivers.

Tucson Car Accident Statistics

There were more than 9,700 car accidents in Tucson in 2010, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). These accidents resulted in 54 deaths and more than 5,300 injuries. In Arizona in 2010, there were more than 8,500 left-turn accidents and nearly 13,000 sideswipe accidents. In 2010, there were nine fatal accidents during the Christmas holiday.

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