Ahwatukee Dog Bite Accident: Boy and Two Adults Bitten

We were sorry to learn that three people were attacked by a dog including the dog’s handler, a young boy, on February 8 in Ahwatukee. The boy was taking his dog on a walk, according to Fox 10, when the dog escaped off the leash and attacked another dog. The boy and the other dog’s owners were all bitten in the attack. We hope all recover from their bite injuries, including the small dog that was attacked. These bites can leave lasting scars and can be painful to recover from.

Causes of This Ahwatukee Dog Bite Accident

This dog bite incident occurred when the dog pulled away from the young boy that was walking it. With the leash attached, the dog ran after a smaller dog and attacked it. When the smaller dog’s owners attempted to save it, the bigger dog bit them too. Then it turned and bit the young boy. All are expected to be OK, but all suffered injuries.

Tips to Avoid Arizona Dog Bite Accidents

At Breyer Law Offices, P.C., we know it is impossible to prevent all attacks. However, there are some dog bite prevention tips to follow that may improve your chances of escaping unharmed. They include:

  • Walk with a walking stick or cane to use against a dog that attacks you;
  • Carry a loud air horn to scare away the approaching dog;
  • Carry a noise-maker that is designed especially to scare away attacking dogs;
  • Avoid dogs that are off-leash by immediately turning and walking the other way;
  • Don’t run from dogs that are aggressive; and
  • Keep your hands at your sides and don’t make eye contact.

Contact an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney

An experienced Arizona dog bite attorney can make sure you are receiving the best possible medical care for your dog bite injuries. This is important as some dog bites may leave lasting scars. Many victims also suffer extreme fear of dogs afterwards. The Husband and Wife Law Team then works to obtain a settlement from the dog owners or the person responsible. Our clients use these settlements to cover medical bills, plastic surgery, and more. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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