Avoiding Arizona Accidents with Vehicles Stopped on Side of the Road

As Arizona personal injury attorneys, we know that many people are injured in vehicles stopped on the side of the road in Arizona. They often pull over because their cars are broken down, have flat tires, or have been stopped by a police officer. Unfortunately, many accidents result in occupants either being hit by cars that don’t see them in time or drunk drivers who swerve into them. Make sure you are not one of those people by following these few simple tips.

Tips to Avoid Hitting Stopped Vehicles

Arizona Auto Accident PreventionAlthough it is impossible to avoid all crashes, even those involving vehicles stopped on the side of the road, it is possible to drive safely and reduce your risks. First, never drive drunk or while under the influence of drugs. This is not only illegal, but it is very dangerous. Many drivers who are pulled over to the side of the road are hit by drunk drivers who don’t realize the car is at a stop. Next, if you see a car pulled over ahead of you, change lanes as soon as it is safe to do so. In many states, this is the law, especially when an emergency vehicle is flashing its lights. Finally, if you are the driver who is pulled over, make sure you move over as much as is safe. Put on your hazard lights and don’t exit your car if possible. Staying inside your car with your seatbelt on is usually safer.

How an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

An experienced attorney investigates Arizona car accidents to determine who hit you and why it happened. When drunk drivers are involved, the Husband and Wife Law Team files for punitive damages to punish them for their illegal actions and to further compensate clients. We work hard to obtain settlements for our clients that cover their medical expenses and more. We make sure you receive the best possible medical care for your injuries, which can be very serious when you are hit from behind. We also seek reimbursement for medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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