Chandler School Bus Accident Injures Four

As Chandler school bus accident lawyers, we were unhappy to hear that a school bus and an SUV were involved in a collision on January 19, 2012 near McQueen and Queen Creek, according to Fox 10. There were two autistic children on the bus at the time, but thankfully, they were not injured. Both drivers, however, were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. We will hold them in our thoughts and prayers, and wish them a quick, full recovery.

Causes of This Chandler School Bus Accident

Police are unsure of what caused this Chandler school bus accident. The crash involved an SUV and a school bus, both of which crashed into each other. Possible causes include that one vehicle ran a red light, a driver was distracted and failed to yield, or that someone was tailgating and ended up rear-ending the other vehicle. This case deserves professional investigation to find out why it happened and what actually occurred.

Arizona School Bus Accident Statistics

There were 12,382 Arizona bus accidents in 2010 that resulted in 21 deaths and 2,150 injuries. Rear-end collisions totaled 40,371, the most out of all types of accidents, while angle collisions, such as when one driver turns in front of an oncoming vehicle, totaled 15,815 in 2010. Bus crashes can be very dangerous because the passengers often aren’t wearing seatbelts. They can be thrown against seats, other people, and windows, causing serious injuries.

Contact a Chandler School Bus Accident Attorney

An experienced Chandler school bus accident attorney knows how important it is to thoroughly investigate accidents involving children. While all Arizona traffic accidents are important, one of our primary goals is to reduce the number of incidents involving young children. They should particularly feel safe when riding to school on a school bus. The Husband and Wife Law Team at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. determines who was at-fault and then holds that person responsible for the injuries and damages they caused. We seek settlements that pay for related expenses and more. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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