Man Injured in Sun City Car Crash

The best Sun City car accident lawyer knows that when it comes to car accidents in Sun City, it is important that the scene of the accident be photographed. Of course, when an auto accident occurs, the last thought on a family’s minds is to have the scene of the accident photographed. We understand this and know that families are going through a tragic, emotional situation when car accidents like this happen. In recent news by AZCentral, an auto crash occurred at Sun City on US 60 at 103rd Avenue. The accident happened around 7:15 in the evening and it involved two vehicles. A man who was involved in the car accident has been reported to have been airlifted to a hospital. At this moment, there is no additional information related to the accident.

Arizona Car Accident Statistics

According to the car accident statistics in Arizona Crash Facts for 2010, there were a total of 106,177 car accidents during the year. There were 698 fatal crashes, 33,195 injury crashes, and 72,284 crashes that involved only property damage. It was measured that there are 2.09 people who are killed due to crashes in a day and that a person is killed every 11.50 hours. In addition, 137.19 persons are injured in a day.

Arizona State Car Accident Law

In Arizona, drivers are required to exercise due care while driving on the road. Drivers need to always be paying attention to the roadway.

What Caused this Car Crash in Arizona?

There are many things that could possibly have caused this car crash. It could be that the drivers were not paying attention to the road and were distracted. Another reason could be that the drivers may have been impaired, which is usually a common reason why accidents on the road happen. Sometimes, fatigue could also be the reason why car accidents happen as drivers may possibly fall asleep while driving.

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