Phoenix Car Accidents: Residents to Vote on Photo Radar

Many Phoenix car accidents are prevented or at least recorded with photo radar cameras. However, many residents want to vote whether to keep them installed or not. Now they will have their chance. A new bill will ask them their opinion on the cameras that have been around for 20 years if it passes the House and Senate. Police say that if the cameras are ultimately taken down, they will continue enforcing traffic laws just as they did before and during the era of the cameras.

Phoenix Car Accident Information

Many people are hurt in Phoenix auto accidents every year. Some of these crashes are caused by speeding drivers and red-light runners. Cameras can help catch and reduce the amount of drivers who break the law in this way. Speeding and running red lights can be extremely dangerous and deadly, and it is extremely common, unfortunately. In fact, speeding was reported as the most common driver violation in 2010 by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). There were 33,939 crashes caused by speeding drivers in the state in 2010, resulting in 145 fatal crashes and 11,080 injury crashes. Drivers who failed to regard a traffic signal caused 4,910 crashes, 28 of which were fatal and 2,313 involving injuries.

Avoid Phoenix Car Accidents

Although it is impossible to avoid all car accidents, there are some things you can do at stoplights to reduce your chances of being hit. These include always yielding on yellow light and stopping on a red light. When the light turns green and you are the first car to go into the intersection, wait a couple of extra seconds for the intersection to clear and for any red-light runners to travel through the intersection. Then proceed. This may save you from dangerous intersection crashes.

Call a Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney

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