Tips to Prevent an Arizona Swimming Pool Drowning

AZ Swimming Pool InjuryAs Arizona attorneys who have received many calls about swimming accidents, we want to remind everyone that although it is winter time, pool accidents still do happen and we all need to be careful of dangerous injuries and fatal accidents that happen around pools. In some cases, children are injured because the swimming pool owner does not properly cover or enclose his or her pool with a fence. In other instances, children are injured when the person in charge of watching them does not keep a close enough eye on them to prevent them from falling into the pool. However, drowning incidents can happen to adults too when pools are improperly maintained, such as when the cover is only partially removed and the adult gets trapped underneath.

Arizona Swimming Accident Law

Under Arizona attractive nuisance law, even if property owners post no trespassing signs, they can be held liable for accidents that happen on their properties. This includes children who can’t read no-trespassing signs being attracted to something on the property like ponds, lakes, rivers, irrigation ditches, or swimming pools. When the child attempts to swim in these bodies of water, the property owner may be responsible for any swimming pool injuries that occur.

Tips to Avoid Arizona Swimming Accidents

While there are some ways to avoid Arizona swimming accidents, we also know that not all incidents can be prevented. Make sure to pay attention at all times to children in the pool. Protect your pool with a cover and a fence when it is not in use, and make sure children don’t have access to the key to unlock the gate and get inside. Property owners have a responsibility to protect children from attractive nuisances by taking reasonable care to cover or fence off hazards like pools.

Arizona Swimming Accident Statistics

According to, 30 Arizona swimming accidents occurred in 2011, which caused 16 deaths. Pima County reported the most accidents at 17 and the most deaths at six, including three pediatrics, one child, and two adults. Most other counties reported solely child deaths.

Contact an Arizona Swimming Accident Lawyer

An experienced Arizona swimming pool accident lawyer is necessary when seeking compensation for such accidents. Many times, it is necessary to interview witnesses and investigate the scene of the accident. The Husband and Wife Law Team has handled swimming accident cases before and understands these types of cases need to be handled carefully and require experienced injury lawyers. For a free consultation on your case, call today.

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