Tempe Car Accident: Pedestrian Injured at School Car Wash

As Tempe car accident attorneys, we know how serious car crashes involving pedestrians can be, and we were deeply concerned for the welfare of the pedestrian hit in a collision on Saturday, March 3, 2012, according to ABC 15. The Arizona pedestrian collision occurred when a pickup truck hit a student crossing the street near McClintock High School. The student, who was crossing against the light, fell onto the sidewalk and sustained serious injuries from the impact. The students were on their way to a carwash at the high school to raise money for the dance team. It has been reported that the pedestrian should make a full recovery. Police have reported that the driver did not seem to be impaired in any way. Our thoughts are with the families of those involved in this crash and we wish everyone a speedy emotional and physical recovery.

Tips to Avoid a Tempe Car Accident with a Pedestrian

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports that this Tempe car accident is one of nearly 1,250 pedestrian incidents that cause injuries in Arizona each year. Nearly 160 pedestrian collisions result in death. There are some things that you can do to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation. As a driver, be aware of your surroundings and of all pedestrians. This is especially important in areas near parks and schools where children are likely to be playing.

How Can a Tempe Personal Injury Attorney Help?

A Tempe personal injury attorney could help the victims of this collision get compensation for injuries and property damage sustained as a result of the crash. A personal injury attorney often takes witness statements and gathers additional evidence to help bolster the case. Where negligence may be difficult to prove, a skilled personal injury attorney can help argue the elements of the case to ensure you receive a fair settlement and compensation for your injuries and damages, as well as the resulting costs of medical care and other associated expenses. In a case like this where the pedestrian is going against the light, it does not mean that the pedestrian does not have a claim. The driver still has the responsibility to drive safely and avoid pedestrians who are crossing the street. The Husband and Wife Law Team offers free consultations to help you decide the best way to handle your personal injury case. Call us today for your free consultation.

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